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Seminars, masters:
Ferenc Grunwalsky (H), David Hinton (GB), György Kálmán C. (H), Péter Kárpáti (H),György Karsai (H), Katsura Kan (JP), Alla Kovgan (RUS-US), Péter P. Müller  (H), Saso Podgorsek (SLO), Norah Zuniga Shaw (US), Gábor Szabó (H), Imre Szűcs (H)
Her research topic is interrelations of movement and the Moving image, especially works of Maya Deren, Josef Nadj and Sergei Parajanov.
She was general manager of BEM Art Cinema Budapest (2004-2006), artistic director of YPA Ybl Palace Art Centre (2006-2007), press and pr assistant of Hungarian Contemporary Dance College (2008) and Kalligram Publisher (2008), artistic manager of Eva Duda Dance Company (2011).
Sitting on comittee of National Film Office she works for art movies in Hungary (2010-2013)
She is charter member and artistic director of Értékmegőrző/SAFE Contemporary Art Studio and Filmarchive and curator of Apodosz Video Collection (2006-).
She is member of Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association MAFSZ, Attila József Circle JAK, Association of Hungarian Journalists MÚOSZ, Hungarian Federation of Film Societies MFFSZ and Dance Film Association, New York.
She made her first dancefilm Sandchair in 2008 adapted a  choreography of Zoltán Nagy, texts of László Darvasi.
Her second -K (2010-2011)- is an international co-production (co-producer Laurent Festas, Euroculture en pays Gentiane, FRANCE) inspired by The Castle, a novel of Franz Kafka.
The third one -HANDKE (2010-2011)- is a Bauhaus study in choreography for camera inspired by a text of Peter Handke (choreography by Bea Egyed and Zoltán Grecsó).
Fourth one is a three minute long concept work inspired by a Czech photographer, Miroslav Tichy: November Inside - Hommage á Miroslav Tichy.
She is working on her fifth -Agnus Dei- with the famous Hungarian choreographer, Márta Ladjánszki and with other talented young artists, and sixth one -Voices of Liszt- with Dániel Sallay as co-director and Sophie Duncan as the head of choreography.
Her main mentors in filmmaking are the photographer Gábor Szabó H.S C.  and the choreographer István Juhos Putto.
Festivals, awards:
•40th Hungarian Film Week (2008.) Budapest, Hungary
•EDIT 2009. Budapest, Hungary
•Jury has Spoken 2010.: LOIKKA 2010., Helsinki, Finland
•Dancefilms at Gödör (2010.) Budapest, Hungary
•Festival Award 2010.: T-Junction Video Dance Biennale 2010. Nurnberg, Germany
•12th Laterna Filmacademy. Images Moving Across the Arts and Disciplines 2010. Pécs, Hungary
•Il Coreografo Elettronico 2011. Napoli, Italy
•InShadow Festival 2011. Lisboa, Portugal
•EDIT 2011. 'Best of Hungarian' section Budapest, Hungary
•EDIT 2011. 'New Hungarians' section Budapest, Hungary
•San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2012. 'Official Selection' San Francisco, USA
(excerpt: 'First Part: SOLOS')
•Bay Area National Dance Week San Francisco, USA (excerpt: 'First Part: SOLOS')
•EDIT 2011. 'New Hungarians' section Budapest, Hungary
•National Cultural Fund artist scholarship 2009, 2010, 2011
•National Cultural Fund research scholarship 2010
„Újbuda Mecénás” artist scholarship 2012


filmmaker, dancefilm researcher

She studied comparative literature, communication and media studies, film and visual culture, classical philology and linguistics at PTE  University of Pécs.
Currently she is a PhD candidate of Department of Modern Literatures and Literary Theory of the Faculty of the Humanities and artistic director of Értékmegőrző | SAFE Studio Budapest.

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