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Don't Teach Me

Common Decency No 5. Don't Teach Me

contemporary dance performance, S8 mapping


while I get home from work

while I put the kettle on to boil

while I feed the cats

(for the past week I had to give medicine to one as he suffers from hyperacidity, and finds it hard to swallow)

while I water the roof-garden

that you built me as a token of our love

but it is my white pants that get muddy from the hose

as I watch the lotuses (that, I know, are lilies), as I decided they are the symbols of our renewing relationship

(while they grow slowly)

while I search for an arthouse film shown late at night on TV

while it gets dark

while I resist to turn the lights on

while I move around ever more courageously in the fading space of our shared life

while I eat cheese and home grown tomatoes for dinner

I cannot forget the thought

that driven by the same passion

and with the same desire

you penetrate her

in the same position

as you penetrated me.

„don’t teach me to live without you,” asked my ex-lover once when I broke up with him

and it has already been five months that I have been living without you.

                                           /translated by: András Gerevich/


concept: Réka Szűcs 

choreography, performing: Dóra Ida Szűcs

photography: ​Gábor Szabó H.S.C.
sound: Rudolf Várhegyi

music: Tamás Bernáth Atom

mapping: Marcell Andristyák, Réka Harsányi

producer: Kristóf Helyei, Réka Szűcs  

​​​supporter: Apodosz Foundation, NKA

thanks to: Gábor Áfrány, Réka Harsányi, Juli Laczkó, Dániel Sallay, Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák, Andrea Sztojánovits, Ágnes Tóth

produced by: ©Értékmegőrző|SAFE Art Studio


exhibitions, festivals, awards:


•'A dolgok állása' | 'State of Things' - group exhibition, Várgalléria Veszprém 2014

•Dance Film in the Gallery, MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest 2015

5th EIVV, International Meeting on Videodance and Videoperformance>> in Valencia, Spain



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