Fading Spaces (work title)

'while it gets dark

while I resist to turn the lights on

while I move around ever more courageously in the fading space of our shared life'



director: Réka Szűcs 

choreography, performing: Victoria Donnet, Madeline Wood

photography: Victoria Donnet, Francesca Penzani, Réka Szűcs

producer: Kristóf Helyei, Réka Szűcs

co-producer: Ella Fiskum, R.E.D. (NO)

cast: Peter Åkesson, Cyntia Botello, Victoria Donnet, Madeline Wood

stills: Victoria Donnet, Francesca Penzani, Réka Szűcs
supporters: Apodosz Foundation, Hungarian National Cultural Fund, R.E.D. Norway

thanks to: Ella Fiskum, Yolanda M. Guadarrama

produced by: ©Értékmegőrző|SAFE Art Studio, R.E.D. Norway



© ​RÉKA SZŰCS | info@rekaszucs.com 

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