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experimental dancefilm HD HU-MX 2018-2019



in post-production

experimental dancefilm HD FR-HU-NO 2018-2019



in post-production

Spaces of Liszt

experimental dancefilmHD HU 2013-2018

with Dániel Sallay as co-director


in post-production

La Cour des Miracles

with the British composer, Ewan Stefani

experimental dancefilm 60' HD HU-FR-GB 2013-2018

3rd hour of a 13-hour-long collective dance film project

curators: Marisa C. Hayes & Franck Boulègue

experimental dancefilm HD HU-IS-IT 2017-2018

„The perception does not know the concept of infinity”

                                                      /Ernst Cassirer/


in post-production

Wild Horses

experimental dancefilm

8' S8 HU-MX 2013-2016

“God carries me on his back.”


The body enters the house, instead of getting on the plane, which would bring it to Mexico City first, and then to Oaxaca. It could still catch the evening bus there, crossing the mountains over the night to Puerto Escondido. It would travel on a truck in the piercing light of the early morning, all the way down on Highway 175. At Puerto Angel it would squeeze into a cab with eight other passengers. They would reach for the horn of the Huatulco bay that resembles a sweet water lake. Waiting in the shades a fisherman would come and offer a ride, crossing, for a few dollars, to the other side of the lagoon.


Agnus Dei

experimental dancefilm

11' S8 HU 2012-2013

'Those who move away from God get closer to him as well, only they have taken the longer way'

/Ervin Lázár/

NOVEMBER INSIDE -Hommage á Miroslav Tichy

experimental dancefilm

3' S8 HU 2010-2011

HANDKE -A Bauhaus Study for Choreography on Camera

experimental dancefilm

19' HD, S8 HU 2010-2011

'I haven’t considered the motion of my shadow to be the evidence of the motion of the Earth. I haven’t considered my fear of darkness to be the evidence of my existence. I haven’t considered my mind demanding eternal life to be the evidence of my existence after death. I haven’t considered my disgust of future to be the evidence of my non-existence after death. I haven’t considered the easing of pain to be the evidence of time passing. I haven’t considered my passion for life to be the evidence of time not passing.'

/Peter Handke: Self Accusation. Translation: Emő Buga/

K -Kafka's Words in Movements

experimental dancefilm

19' HDV FR-HU 2010-2011

‘It was late in the evening when K. arrived, The village was J. deep in snow. The Castle hill was hidden, veiled in mist and darkness, nor was there even a glimmer of light to show that a castle was there. On the wooden bridge leading from the main road to the village K. stood for along time gazing into the illusory emptiness above him. Then he went onto find quarters for the night. The inn was still awake, and although the landlord could not provide a room and was upset by such a late and unexpected arrival, he was willing to let K. sleep on a bag of straw in the parlour. K. accepted the offer.’​

/Franz Kafka: The Castle/


experimental dancefilm

15' HDV HU 2008-2009

If space is infinite, we may be at any point in space.
If time is infinite, we may be at any point in time.


/Jorge Luis Borges:The Book of Sand/


with Barnabás Bardon and András Kovács E. as co-director of animation part


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