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Broken Project

-installation, performance, political poetics

Broken Zoom has been the outcome of a mexican-hungarian cooperation involving the company Laura Vera and Tamás Bakó in 2014. The premiere of the piece, following an intense, three-week collective work process, took place at the Oaxaca International Dance Festival, MIDO-MUESTRA INTERNACIONAL DE DANZA OAXACA 2014. The participants wander around in the piece as peers- dancer and musician alike. Their encounters enhance their solitude. The piece opposes us to the fragmented, contradictory scenes of our own present lives. In 2015,  Bakó, Pérez Ortega, Szűcs and Harsányi created a new piece,  not as a replay, but as a dynamically changing transfiguration of it. The corpus of performances and installations connected in one performative space, Broken Project seeks for answers on authenticity of ars poetica in today’s Hungary.


The project’s method suits the current Western European trend of rejecting linear narratives and traditional dramaturgy, presenting a range of segments, installations, performances, events instead as body of work, as stations prepared by different visual and sound artists, choreographers, theater professionals, reacting on the same topic overall. Participating artists deliver their own media to process the current topic, eg. film rolls, digital technology, audio instruments, physical body, that they connect to one another's the most fenceless and pure way possible, in order to present a piece that one can involve and connect to, to be able to create one’s own variants.

The aim of Broken Project is to question our society’s cultural issues regarding relations of the individual and the community by audiovisual perception. It is not intended to amuse or entertain, to answer questions or provide jurisdiction. Instead, it tries to discover autonomous attitudes of human empathy, solidarity, openness and tolerance. Besides the tradition of western culture’s knowledge-based values, it proposes accepting  behaviour towards the unknown. Broken Project is a long-term cooperation, where artists distant from one another in time and space look for connection points to recognize and share their differences with each other without comparison or compensation.


creators, performers, artists involved: Manuel Badás (ESP), Tamás Bakó, Barnabás Bardon, Tamás Bernáth Atom, Dániel Bőhm, Réka Harsányi, Miklós Holczer, Kovács András E., Giovanni Adrián Ortega Pérez (MX), Reynaldo Martínez Santiago (MX), Gábor Szabó HSC, Ádám Szarvas, Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák, Szilárd Szilas, Dóra Ida Szűcs, Réka Szűcs,Csaba  Vándor, Rudolf Várhegyi HAES, Péter Várnai, students of Durban University of Technology, citizens of Kwa-Mashu


stills: Réka Harsányi, Miklós Holczer, Réka Szűcs, Katalin Tesch


​​​supporters: 4CUT, Apodosz Foundation - Értékmegőrző | SAFE Art Studio Budapest, Artus, Bőhm Studio, Durban University of Technology, Hungarian University of Fine Arts Doctoral School, Mediaware, National Cultural Fund, Hungary, EuroCulture en pays Gentiane


thanks to: Áfrány Gábor, Barla Gyöngyi, Igor Buharov, Csanádi Judit, Dombi Katalin, Laurent Festas (FR), Goda Gábor, Kasza Gábor, Brian Khawula, Laczkó Juli, Lipka Péter, Gabriel Masongo (SA), Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán, Sztojánovits Andrea, Pamela Tancsik (SA), Tóth Ágnes


produced by: ©Értékmegőrző|SAFE Art Studio



•Bakó - Harsányi - Pérez Ortéga - Szűcs: 'Broken Z'  - installation, performance, political poetics, Artus Studio, Budapest 2015



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